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How to help kids wear face masks

Children 2 and older should wear a mask in public.

Published: 07/10/2020

Why you need water

There's more than one way to hydrate.

Published: 07/09/2020

COVID-19 hot spots: Neighborhood bars

One bar in Michigan was linked to 107 coronavirus cases.

Published: 07/08/2020

Lifestyle choices may help cut Alzheimer's risk

Tips to help you maintain your brain.

Published: 07/07/2020

Fireworks do's and don'ts

Leave the kabooms to the pros.

Published: 07/04/2020

Group urges women get screened for anxiety

Anxiety is more than twice as common in women as in men.

Published: 07/03/2020

Summer safety tips for kids

Here's some practical advice every parent should heed.

Published: 07/02/2020

You can be an organ donor

Don't leave it to chance. Register today.

Published: 07/01/2020

Up to 45% of people with COVID-19 may be asymptomatic

Many with COVID-19 have no symptoms.

Published: 06/30/2020

Revisiting your quarantine checklist

How to prepare if you're asked to stay home again.

Published: 06/27/2020

Skip the stings this summer

Learn how to avoid insect stings and what to do if you get stung.

Published: 06/26/2020

A return to dining out?

Here's what to look for in a safer dining experience.

Published: 06/25/2020

PTSD: Learn the facts

See what's true and false about post-traumatic stress disorder.

Published: 06/24/2020

What to consider when choosing to gather

Meeting up amid the pandemic? Read this first.

Published: 06/23/2020

6 tips for older adults to stay connected during COVID-19

You can keep in touch even from a distance.

Published: 06/20/2020

The right and wrong way to use a cloth face mask

Proper mask usage is essential for stopping the coronavirus.

Published: 06/19/2020

Headache triggers vary widely

Getting to the bottom of bothersome headaches.

Published: 06/18/2020

The best ways to stop the spread of the coronavirus

A WHO study weighs the evidence.

Published: 06/17/2020

Is it safe to go swimming?

How to lower your risk if you decide to take a dip.

Published: 06/16/2020

Blood donations are urgently needed now

It's safe to donate, and you could save a life.

Published: 06/13/2020

COVID-19: Food safety tips

Pandemic or not, it's important to handle food with care.

Published: 06/12/2020

At-home risk assessment: Prostate cancer

It's the most common cancer in men.

Published: 06/11/2020

How to stay fit without visiting the gym

You can build your own circuit training routine at home.

Published: 06/10/2020

Do you know the signs of Alzheimer's disease?

It usually occurs in adults middle-aged or older.

Published: 06/09/2020

Coronavirus and heart complications

If you have heart disease, keep taking your medicines.

Published: 06/06/2020