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Labette Health

Wound and Skin Healing Center

Since opening in 2006, the Wound and Skin Healing Center has treated well over 1,000 patients, specializing in diabetes foot management, pressure ulcers, peripheral vascular disease, burns, degenerative skin changes, and arterial and stasis ulcers.

Labette Health's Wound and Skin Healing Center now offers hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy. Our new Perry Sigma 34 hyperbaric oxygen chamber allows us to treat patients who formerly had to make long daily trips to receive therapy that often can make the difference between losing and keeping a limb.

Under pressure, oxygen molecules dissolve not only in the red blood cells, which carry oxygen, but also the plasma, cerebrospinal, lymph and other body fluids. It is therefore easily delivered to all tissues, and even areas with limited blood flow receive the healing benefits of oxygen. HBO therapy also promotes the growth of new capillaries and blood vessels to areas with poor circulation for cardiovascular support and boosts collagen formation for faster wound healing.

HBO therapy produces dramatic benefits for diabetic ulcers, slow-healing wounds, infections, burns, carbon monoxide poisoning and a broad range of other conditions.

We use HBO therapy for diabetic foot wounds that are not healing. We also use it for rotational flap grafts and for patients who are paraplegic or quadriplegic and have deep bedsores that are difficult to heal. Surgical intervention closes the defect, but HBO therapy helps ensure the healing of the incision.

The number of treatments depends on the wound and how each individual patient responds to treatment, but many patients require daily treatments for a period of several weeks. That is why it is important to have a state-of-the-art facility close to the patient's home.

The treatment is very well-tolerated, and most patients notice only minor congestion in their ears. The pressurization is equivalent to being under 66 feet of seawater. During their 30-minute treatments, patients sit or recline comfortably in a clear pressurized chamber while breathing 100 percent oxygen and listening to music or watching television.

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Wound and Skin Healing Center