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Labette Health

Emergency medical service

Labette Health Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a countywide advanced life support (ALS) EMS system that serves all of Labette County and a portion of Neosho and Cherokee counties in Kansas and Craig County, Oklahoma. Labette Health EMS responds to approximately 3,450 service requests annually with calls ranging from medical emergencies and trauma calls to significant rescue situations and disasters. The current service has operated as the countywide service since 1995 and is the exclusive EMS provider for Labette County.

The service operates out of two stations: Station 1 is Parsons and covers the northern and western parts of the Labette Health EMS jurisdiction. Station 2 covers the southern and eastern portion of the jurisdiction. Station 1 is staffed with two on-duty crews and one reserve ambulance. The technical/water rescue trailer, major incident response unit and administrative offices are also located in Parsons. Station 1 also houses a Gator response vehicle that is used for special events and rescue situations. Station 2, located in Oswego, houses one on-duty crew and one reserve ambulance.

Each crew includes at least one paramedic and an emergency medical technician, ensuring a consistency in patient care. The medical crews enjoy standing order protocols and are very involved in the development of new protocols and procedures. Some of the advanced procedures in use at Labette Health EMS are rapid-sequence intubation, CPAP, adult/pediatric intraosseous infusion, 12-lead EKGs, wave form capnography and surgical cricothyrotomy. In addition to great protocols, the staff has excellent equipment to work with. EMS units are Braun F450 four-wheel drive type 1 units with liquid spring suspension. In addition to the vehicles, the staff enjoys Zoll X series 12-lead EKG monitors, Autovent 4000 Ventilators, Stryker Power Lift cots, StatPacks, electronic patient care reporting, state-of-the-art communication equipment and much more. The medical staff members work 24-hour shifts, led by a captain, who is a paramedic. Additionally, either one of the officers or the chief is on call 24 hours a day to respond or assist or direct operations as needed.

Training for EMS and for other departments is provided through one of our certified EMS instructor/coordinators, certified EMS training officers or subject matter experts.

We work very closely with the Labette Health emergency department, a level 3 trauma center. Occasionally, the EMS crews are asked to help in the ER, which only bolsters the close relationship. We also work closely with area air medical providers to ensure rapid transport from the scene to a tertiary care center as needed. Most areas of the county have an air medical helicopter less than 20 minutes away. Labette Health EMS is dispatched through the Labette County 911 center in Oswego. The Communications Center provides all emergency communications for EMS and fire units in the county and utilizes both EMD and EFD protocols.

Labette Health EMS is proud to provide outstanding patient care and a level of service rarely found in most public safety agencies.