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Prepared Childbirth Class

CLICK HERE to register for one of our upcoming Prepared Childbirth Classes (does NOT include breastfeeding education).

CLICK HERE to register for one of our upcoming Breastfeeding Classes.

The Parsons Childbirth Association believes the experience of pregnancy and childbirth is physically more comfortable and emotionally more satisfying for a mother who has knowledge of the physiology and psychology of her labor and delivery.

We subscribe to the belief that parents have the right to play an active rather than passive role in the birth of their child if they so choose. This is part of a philosophy that sees childbearing as a joyful family experience made more rewarding through shared preparation and active participation.

To further these ideas, we sponsor childbirth education classes where expectant parents take part in a comprehensive preparation program.

Class Preparation For Labor

  1. Thorough explanation of the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period.
  2. Signs of labor.
  3. Education on methods of induction, pain control and delivery.
  4. Supportive coaching by the father or designated person- an integral part of the birth experience.
  5. Team conditioning between the pregnant woman and the coach.
  6. Instruction on breathing patterns and exercises to tone the body for birth are part of the curriculum.
  7. Postpartum and newborn care education.

The Classes

  1. Participants attend class about 10 weeks before the due date.
  2. Held at Labette Health in the Jerry Lilley Conference Center. Enter through main entrance and follow signs.
  3. Open to any interested person and her coach.
  4. Free to those delivering at Labette Health.
  5. Pre-online registration is required.

We Do Not Offer

  1. Painless childbirth.
  2. Home delivery information.
  3. Medical advice (couples are referred to their family physicians).