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Our open-bore MRI system differs from a traditional MRI by the size of the opening, or bore, in which the patient lies within a large cylindrical magnet. This magnetic field, along with radio waves and a computer, creates a detailed image of the patient's organs, tissues and bones that aids physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Our MRI combines the comfort of the open design with the quality of conventional MRI. Bodily contact is also possible, allowing children to hold the hand of an accompanying parent for comfort and assurance. Ifa head-first exam becomes necessary, patients can enjoy generous elbow and headspace—nearly 1foot of space between a patient's face and the magnet.

Our MRI provides up to four times more signal-to-noise ratio over older MRI designs, which is desirable in imaging larger patients. In addition, it can perform advanced exams in less time—an average exam time of only 40 minutes.

Comfort during your test

During your exam, you'll be immersed in a relaxing room with walls covered in palm trees, white sand and blue ocean water. You can look up to see beautiful palm trees on the ceiling while listening to the sound of ocean waves or your choice of relaxing music playing in the background.

One foot of headroom in the MRI helps reduce anxiety and feelings of claustrophobia. And for many exams, your feet go in first and your head remains comfortably outside of the system.

Preparing for your test

Typically, patients require no preparation or dietary restrictions. However, certain conditions may prevent you from having an MRI examination. You should inform your doctor or alert the staff if you are pregnant; have ever been a metal worker; or have had surgery to your eyes, ears, or brain.

Also, please inform the staff if you have any of the following:

  • Pacemaker.
  • Artificial heart valve.
  • Stent.
  • Metal implants.
  • Cochlear implants.
  • Aneurysm clips.
  • Shrapnel or bullet fragments.
  • Neurostimulator.
  • Implanted drug infusion device.
  • Intrauterine device (IUD).
  • Recent tattoo.

You will be asked to leave all coins, jewelry, watches, keys, credit cards, hair pins, glasses, hearing aids and any other metallic objects in the secured changing booth. Because they may contain metallic particles, it is best not to wear any makeup when having a head or neck MRI.

MRI's are available on Saturdays!

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