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In 2006, the sleep lab at Labette Health became the first facility in Southeast Kansas to be accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. We have helped thousands to understand their sleep disorders and receive treatment to return to natural rhythms.

Our basic study tool is a polysomnogram, a noninvasive test in which small sensors attached to the body monitor and record brain waves, heart rhythms, breathing, muscle activity, and leg and eye movements. Other types of studies may be necessary to diagnose and treat specific conditions once they have been identified.

Sleep lab patients spend the night in one of two quiet sleep suites equipped with comfortable, queen-sized beds. Sleep-study patients begin their testing in the evening and leave the following morning. A breakfast coupon is provided. Studies are available Monday through Thursday.

Reports containing the study results will be provided to the referring physician, usually within a week.

If you show any symptoms of the disorders listed in the test, the Sleep Lab at Labette Health can assist you.

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