Emergency Department

Some of the area's most experienced emergency medicine physicians, registered nurses (RNs) and ED technicians provide 24-hour care in the ED at Labette Health. In 2009, the American College of Surgeon's designated Labette Health as a Level III trauma center. The ED care teams have the training and expertise to provide optimal care for critical medical needs. Patients requiring specialty services are transferred through the coordinated efforts of Labette Health Emergency Medical Services and area air ambulances.

Patients are greeted by experienced RNs and triaged according to their medical needs using the emergency severity index triage process. ED physicians and consulting specialists are readily available at the patient's bedside to provide excellent patient care.

The ED has 9 patient care beds dedicated to treating chest pain, trauma, orthopedic and women's health issues. All patients vital signs are monitored through a central monitoring system located at the nursing station. In 2011, the ED implemented an electronic medical record system with tracking boards and mobile work stations to improve efficiency and patient care.

The Labette Health ED is proud to serve the Southeast Kansas area.

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Emergency Department