About Us

Quality and Safety

Trust Labette Health to deliver safe, high-quality health care. Your well-being is our Number 1 priority, and we’re continually improving our policies and practices to give you the best patient experience we can.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our goal is to provide safe, outstanding care to ever patient, every time. To meet that goal, we develop and implement systems and procedures that incorporate the most up-to-date medical evidence, the best technology, and the compassionate care that you expect from our providers and staff.

We regularly review our performance and share our data so you can see what we’re doing well and understand where there’s room for improvement.  In both cases, we’re always looking for ways to elevate the quality and safety of our care so we can provide the best outcomes possible.

What is Quality?

Quality involves consistently providing the right care at the right time. That means delivering effective, efficient, patient-centered care based on the most up-to-date medical evidence so you can heal faster. 

What is Patient Safety?

Patient safety involves preventing harm. That means taking steps to avoid accidents, errors, infections and injuries so you can heal faster. Learn how the team at Labette Health works together to keep you and your loved ones safe while in our care.


Labette Health is accredited by National Healthcare Facilities (HFAP). HFAP is a nationally recognized accreditation organization with deeming authority from CMS.

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